Alpha Eta Mu Beta, National Biomedical Engineering Honor Society
Why Join Alpha Eta Mu Beta ?

 1. REcognition
Membership into AEMB recognizes your outstanding academic achievement in the field of Biomedical Engineering, as well as strong leadership and impeccable character.

 2. Networking
AEMB offers ample opportunities to network with members who are students, faculty and key members of corporations, universities and government organizations from around the country, and the world.

 3. Access to key positions
Membership recognizes your distinguished achievements and character therefore enabling greater access to key positions in graduate school, academia and industry.

 4. Join the Family
An initiation fee is only paid once and membership lasts a lifetime. Join the national family and build a network of lasting relationships.


 5. Mentoring
Meet and interact with senior students, graduate students, faculty and alumni in a personal manner at local and national gatherings and through projects. Receive advice on options for your future career and personal development.

 Portfolio Enhancement
Use your AEMB membership as an enhancer on your personal portfolio such as your resume, CV, or professional digital profiles such as LinkedIn© 

 7. Development
Participate in local and national projects which encourage the development of leadership, communications, team work and management skills that will prepare you for fast track professional careers.

 8. Service
Participate in local opportunities to help the department, fellow students and the community through chapter activities. Serve as a national officer or on a national committee. Be a role model to others.

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