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Now accepting 2020 Alpha Eta Mu Beta Award Applications
We are currently soliciting applications for the 2020 Alpha Eta Mu Beta Awards. This is a great opportunity to recognize those who have made a meaningful impact and contribution. Please take a few minutes and consider applying for an award. For individual award information please click here. Please submit completed award application information to by the 2nd of October 2020.

Now accepting 2020 Alpha Eta Mu Beta Travel Award Applications
We are currently soliciting applications for the 2020 Alpha Eta Mu Beta Travel Awards. The application form can be obtained here. Please submit completed travel award application information to by the 2nd of October 2020.

Important Covid-19 Update
As we have seen suspension of face-to-face interactions and the introduction of social distancing across the nation and campuses due to COVID-19, Alpha Eta Mu Beta, The International Biomedical Engineering Honor Society, is complying with recommendations from federal, state, and local governments. Unfortunately, due to these restrictions, initiation packages that include certificates, cords, and pins will not be shipped until governmental authorities lift these restrictions. Please know that as soon as these restrictions are lifted we will ship packages promptly. During this time of restricted contact, we encourage chapters to flex their creative muscles and find ways to connect and engage with members virtually. Chapters that find creative ways to engage during this period of social distancing are urged to submit how they have kept their chapter alive or inducted new members without the materials and while observing social distancing. Chapter submissions will be entered into a competition evaluated by the AEMB Executive Council. The chapter with the most exciting and effective way to connect will be awarded a $500 travel grant for the 2020 AEMB Annual Meeting in San Diego, CA. Please submit all entries to

2019 Alpha Eta Mu Beta Events

This year, AEMB is proud to present the following events. More information will be added in the coming weeks. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Event: Alpha Eta Mu Beta, Mentoring for INnovative Design Solutions (MINDS) Workshop
Date: Thursday, October 17th, 2019
Start Time: 2.00pm - 4.00pm
Location: Pennsylvania Convention Center
Session Co-Chairs: Teresa A. Murray, PhD, Alicia Fernandez-Fernandez, PhD, DPT, and Dominic E. Nathan PhD.

Participation in this workshop is by invitation after successfully competing for a spot on a design team to address this year’s design/research topic (please see for application instructions). Students will work in teams of 4 based on similar interests. Each team will have mentors who will assist the team in creating a potentially marketable innovation. The mentors will help students incorporate key design considerations, including (i) market considerations for commercialization,  (ii) regulatory strategy, and (iii) intellectual property protection. After the workshop, students will meet virtually (e.g., via Skype) for up to 5 months to further refine their innovation. They will also be required to produce a more extensive presentation of their product, such as a video for a Kickstarter campaign, or a PowerPoint presentation for a group of potential investors. We will alert participants about opportunities for design contests, investment, and grant programs to further promote and develop their innovations. This program requires a 5 month commitment.

Event: Alpha Eta Mu Beta Annual Grand Meeting
Date: Thursday, October 17th, 2018
Start Time: 11.30am 
Location: Pennsylvania Convention Center
Session Co-Chairs: Teresa A. Murray PhD, Alicia Fernandez-Fernandez, PhD, DPT, Kerri A. Green, MS, Leann Tengowski, Liisa Dolinger, Darshi Shah, Guillermo Palou, and Dominic E. Nathan PhD.

At this annual grand meeting, members representing chapters nationwide will come together to discuss important contemporary events relating to AMB. (Attendance is mandatory for all AEMB members). If you would like to learn more about AEMB or start a new chapter at your school, please consider attending this session and speaking to any of the national officers, or stop by our table for more information. During this meeting, new charters and national awards will be presented. Furthermore, this session will serve as a networking opportunity to meet with other fellow members from AEMB chapters, representatives from industry and academia. This session is open to all AEMB student and faculty members. Food and beverage will be provided, but tickets are required. For tickets, please contact

Event: Creating Medical Devices to Span the Economic Spectrum (AEMB and BMES Ethical Subcommittee joint session open to all conference attendees)  
Date: Friday, October 18th, 2019
Start Time: 9.00am
Location: Pennsylvania Convention Center
Session Co-Chairs:Rupak Dua, PhD, Liisa Dolinger, Zachary Danzinger, PhD

The ability to utilize high-tech medical equipment and services has significant potential to increase hospital related costs. Such a condition generates a disparity between hospitals and health care facilities with varying levels of resources and in particular for facilities serving low-income populations in the US and in developing countries. This session brings together a diverse set of experts in the field ranging from economists, engineers, and representatives from government and industry to discuss and explore various views and perspectives on how to make healthcare devices and services more affordable and accessible for all. This session is presented in the form of an interactive panel.

Event: Commercialization of new medical devices: From concept to product.  
Date: Friday, October 18th, 2019
Start Time: 1.00pm - 2.30pm
Location: Pennsylvania Convention Center
Session Chairs:Vladimir Knezezevic, MD, Seth Goldenbern, PhD and Darshi Shah

Learn important considerations for translating medical device designs from the classroom and the lab into commercially viable products to improve human health and well-being. Experts from the National Institutes of Health and medical device industry will describe how to determine the market for a product, protection of intellectual property, and the pathways to gain regulatory approval (US and global). All three considerations are critically important steps toward creating a commercially viable device. This session is part of the Mentoring for INnovative Design Solutions (MINDS) Scholar Program, which is run by Alpha Eta Mu Beta and funded through the National Science Foundation (NSF 1936077) and is open to all conference attendees.

Alpha Eta Mu Beta is honored to host Dr. Vladimir Knezevic, M.D. Dr. Knezevic is an expert at the NIH and NIDDK Technology Advancement Office with over 25 years of management, product development and biomedical research experience, all complemented by his medical training. His experience includes managing operations of a molecular diagnostic company focused on developing innovative cancer tests that aid in the early detection, therapy selection and outcome prediction for various forms of cancers and oversight of a group that provided comprehensive peer review and post award management support services to government clients. Dr. Knezevic holds a medical Degree in general Medicine from the University of Zagreb Medical School, Zagreb, Republic of Croatia. He has published 32 papers in peer-reviewed journals and has been awarded 5 patents.

Alpha Eta Mu Beta is also honored to host Dr. Seth Goldenberg. Dr Seth J. Goldenberg, PhD is responsible for the Veeva Vault strategy in the medical device and diagnostic industry, including customer engagement, market adoption, and product development. Dr. Goldenberg has nearly 20 years of experience in supporting medical device and diagnostics companies navigate complex regulations and improve market access. Before Veeva, Dr. Goldenberg was the director of product marketing at North American Science Associates (NAMSA), where he supported medical device companies from inception through commercialization and post-market activities. Dr. Goldenberg also has experience supporting life science companies achieve their commercial goals from his time as a consultant and with his time at the US FDA. Outside of Veeva, Dr. Goldenberg plays an active role in the industry, as a member of the Regulatory Affairs Professionals Society (RAPS) and as the “Entrepreneur-in-Residence” at the Philadelphia Pediatric Device Consortium. Dr. Goldenberg holds a doctorate in pharmacology from the University of Washington and a master’s in biomedical engineering from Drexel University.

Alpha Eta Mu Beta welcomes newest Board of Directors member
Professor James Goh, Phd. is our newest Board of Directors member. Dr. Goh serves as the Head of the Department of Biomedical Engineering at the National University of Singapore. He is also the president of the International Federation for Medical and Biological Engineering (IFMBE). Please click here to learn more about Dr. Goh.

Content from 2018 Alpha Eta Mu Beta - BMES joint workshop:
Regulatory and Intellectual Property Protection Strategies

This workshop was hosted by Drs. Teresa Murray and Alicia Fernandez as a joint effort between Alpha Eta Mu Beta and the Biomedical Engineering Society at the 2018 BMES conference in Atlanta, GA.. The speaker, Dr. Tara Nealey, JD, PhD is the Practice Vice chair at Polsinelli and is also a member of the Science and Technology practice group. Her presentation highlights important considerations for translating medical device designs from the classroom and the lab into commercially viable products to improve human health and wellbeing. Furthermore, the presentation also explains strategies to protect intellectual property, a critically important step toward creating a commercially viable device. Please click here to view the presentation, This session was sponsored by the National Science Foundation.

Annual Chapter Report

Annual Chapter report are due in May. Please download the report from following template and submit it to us immediately. Thank you.
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AEMB address change
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