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2016 National Awards
It is now tme to apply for the 2016 National Awards. Please take a few moments to read the award descriptions and send your nominations to the national secretary Mr. David Wolfson, BS via email no later than the 19th of September 2016

2016 Travel Awards
The national travel award information can be obtained here. This year AEMB is offering travel awards of up to $500 per chapter, nationwide to help defray the BMES conference costs for AEMB members. Recipients are highly encouraged to ask their departments or graduate school for matching funds to suppliment the travel award to enable more students to attend the conference. Kindly send in all travel award applications to the AEMB administration via email at no later than the 19th of September 2016 for consideration.

2016 National AEMB Events
This year, AEMB is proud to present the following events. More inforamtion will be added in the coming weeks. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Event: Alpha Eta Mu Beta National Convention
Date: Thursday, October 6th, 2016
Start Time: 4.30pm 
Location: Room 200A, Minneapolis Convention Center
Session Co-Chairs: Teresa A Murray PhD, Bhavit Vora, MS, Justin Huckaby, BS, Morgan Elliott, BS, David Wolfson, BS, Marcia A. Pool, PhD, Alicia Fernandez-Fernandez, PhD, DPT, Kerri A. Green, MS and Dominic E. Nathan PhD.

At this annual grand meeting, members representing chapters nationwide will come together to discuss important contemporary events relating to AEMB. (Attendance is mandatory for all AEMB members). If you would like to learn more about AEMB or start a new chapter at your school, please consider attending this session and speaking to any of the national officers. This year there will be elections of national officers and members to the board of directors.

Event: Alpha Eta Mu Beta Annual Reception - Tickets required
Date: Thursday, October 6th, 2016
Start Time: 6.30pm 
Location: LoungeA, Minneapolis Convention Center
Session Co-Chairs: Teresa A Murray PhD, Bhavit Vora, MS, Justin Huckaby, BS, Morgan Elliott, BS, David Wolfson, BS, Marcia A. Pool, PhD, Alicia Fernandez-Fernandez, PhD, DPT, Kerri A. Green, MS and Dominic E. Nathan PhD.
The Annual AEMB reception will be held at Lounge A of the Minneapolis Convention Center. New charters and national awards will be presented at this session. Furthermore, this session will serve as a networking opportunity to meet with other fellow members from AEMB chapters, representatives from industry and academia. This session is open to all AEMB student and faculty members. For tickets, please contact

Event: Alpha Eta Mu Beta Annual Ethics Session - Ethical Issues in Developing Tuberculosis Vaccines and Drugs
Date: Friday, October 7th, 2016
Start Time: 9.00am 
Location: Room 200A, Minneapolis Convention Center
Session Co-Chairs: Susan L. Craddock, PhD and Bhavit Vora, MS

Tuberculosis as of last year surpassed AIDS as the leading cause of infectious disease deaths in the world, yet there have been no new drugs or more effective vaccines developed in more than four decades. This is potentially changing with collaborative partnerships involving nonprofits, university scientists, government and philanthropic financing, and pharmaceutical companies. Yet the attempts to develop new therapies for tuberculosis are not without critiques including whether money is better spent on single diseases rather than broader public health initiatives, whether enough is known about the tuberculosis bacterium to go ahead with clinical trials of new drug and vaccine candidates, and whether low-income countries affected by the disease should be leading these collaborations. These debates will be discussed in this talk, with the aim not to answer any of them definitively, but to elucidate what might be at stake in these collaborations and in the longstanding efforts to mitigate tuberculosis globally.

Alpha Eta Mu Beta (AEMB), the National Biomedical Engineering Honor Society, is committed to promoting ethics in the field of biomedical engineering. This year, AEMB is honored to host Dr. Susan Craddock from the University of Minnesota. Dr. Craddock's research focuses on social and political factors shaping the experience and patterns of, as well as responses to, infectious diseases. She has published on access to AIDS drugs, noncommercial clinical trials, and the roles of poverty, gender, and race on public health responses to tuberculosis. Her forthcoming book, Compound Solutions: Pharmaceutical Alternatives for Global Health, is on collaborative efforts to produce new tuberculosis vaccines and drugs for the first time in decades.
Event: Alpha Eta Mu Beta, Mentoring for INnovative Design Solutions (MINDS) Workshop
Date: Saturday, October 8th, 2016
Start Time: 9.00am 
Location: Room 200A, Minneapolis Convention Center
Session Co-Chairs:Teresa A. Murray, PhD, Alicia Fernandez-Fernandez, PhD, DPT, Bhavit Vora, MS, Justin Huckaby, BS, Morgan Elliott, BS, David Wolfson, BS, Marcia A. Pool, PhD, Kerri A. Green, MS and Dominic E. Nathan PhD.

Participation in this workshop is by invitation after successfully competing for a spot on a design team to address this year’s design/research topic and application instructions. Students will work in teams of 4 based on similar interests. Each team will have a mentor who will assist the team in creating a potentially marketable innovation. The mentor will help students incorporate key design considerations, including (i) market considerations for commercialization, (ii) design development and testing, (iii) quality control, (iv) regulatory strategy, and (v) intellectual property protection. After the workshop, students will meet virtually (e.g., via Skype) for up to 8 months to further refine their innovation. They will also be required to produce a more extensive presentation of their product, such as a video for a Kickstarter campaign, or a PowerPoint presentation for a group of potential investors. We will alert participants about opportunities for design contests, investment, and grant programs to further promote and develop their innovations. This program requires an 8 month commitment.

You can be an AEMB MINDS Scholar – Apply Now!

What is the MINDS Scholar Program? How do I apply?

The AEMB Mentoring for INnovative Design Solutions (MINDS) Scholar Program is an innovative approach that provides students with the opportunity to collaborate and network with peers and mentors across the country, while building necessary engineering design skills, including 5 key considerations that are not usually stressed in coursework projects. The 5 key considerations are :
    (1) market considerations for commercialization (unmet need, size of market, reimbursement potential, etc.),
    (2) establishing methods for testing the product,
    (3) quality control requirements for production,
    (4) regulatory strategy, and
    (5) evaluating prospects for intellectual property protection.

MINDS Scholars enhance their knowledge of product design, and learn how to effectively communicate with teammates and mentors who are from other schools and organizations using collaborative online tools, which are becoming an increasingly important skill in today’s work environment. Participation in the MINDS Scholar Program is through a competitive application process that takes place annually in August and September(click here for application). Students need not be AEMB members to participate. Ideally, you should apply when you are a sophomore or a junior so that you get the most out of the program.

How does the MINDS Scholar Program work if I am selected to participate? What will I have to do?

Each annual MINDS Scholar Program starts with a half-day workshop at the BMES conference, where students meet their groups and mentors, and create an action plan for their participation in the program with a central design idea. Each group will be composed of approximately 3-4 students and one primary mentor. AEMB provides travel stipends to all MINDS scholars to attend the initial workshop (up to $500), funded by the National Science Foundation. After the initial in-person meeting, teams and mentors continue to communicate and work together remotely over the span of five months, refining their idea and acquiring new knowledge about key design considerations. Scholars will have access to hand-picked subject matter mentors with specialized knowledge in areas such as market evaluation, patenting devices, protecting intellectual property, determining regulatory requirements, preclinical trial design, and establishing quality controls. AEMB will support Scholars during the program with additional online resources on the five design considerations, as well as sharing potential outside opportunities including design contests, investment opportunities and grant programs. At the end of the program, each team will have a refined product design (virtual or real), and will create a written or video promotion for their product.

What are the benefits of participating in the MINDS Scholar Program?

As a MINDS Scholar, you will be able to network with peers and experts, and learn valuable engineering design skills and teamwork abilities that are attractive to future employers. AEMB will provide a $500 stipend for MINDS Scholars to attend the initial workshop. At the end of the MINDS Scholar Program, you will receive an official certificate of completion, and your name will be added to our MINDS Scholar list on the AEMB webpage. And who knows, maybe you will end up sharing your promotion materials with potential investors and marketing your product!! Additionally, if you are interested in giving back, you will be able to participate in future MINDS program activities by mentoring new Scholars.

In the 2015 MINDS Scholar program, team members communicated with industry experts and entrepreneurs from start-up companies, technology transfer offices, and established medical device companies. These MINDS Scholars indicated that they gained experience working with different universities and using different collaboration and communication tools. They also felt they acquired important insight into the value of intellectual property management and its challenges, FDA & ethics approval and market considerations, and their understanding of the thought process from invention to market.  Here are some sample comments from 2015 MINDS Scholars in their final report:

    “All of the talks we were a part of can be devolved into three questions every engineer should ask themselves before    
    they make a commitment to a product’s development: Can it be done? Can it be sold? Can it get approval? If any of
    these questions give you pause you should assess your current position and rethink the path you will take. This
    program has given me enough tools to plan on attacking these questions before I ask them.”

    “The MINDS program has been an amazing experience. The new experiences and lessons learned outside the
    classroom setting have included how to work with someone across a state line, learning how to match up each other    
    schedules, and hearing professionals talk about the importance of the design process in their jobs and career paths.    
    Particularly insightful was hearing how the professionals come up with ideas and brainstorm.”

Are you the next MINDS Scholar? We sure hope so and we hope to review your application soon!

Do YOU have the most SWAG?

Calling all AEMB members to submit an AEMB SWAG design to our society competition! Designs can be for items such as a t-shirt, mug, stole, jewelry, hoody, etc. The following information can be included:
            society name
            founding year (1979)
            the phrase 'International Biomedical Engineering Honor Society'
            society logo
            chapter information, etc.
We encourage creativity! All designs are due on Wednesday, August 31st by midnight EST and should be sent to the e-mail address: Competition winners will be announced at the society conference that coincides with the BMES Annual Meeting in Minneapolis, MN. The winning designs will be posted on the AEMB website, with recognition for the designer(s) and their chapter, so other chapters can see your SWAG! Ready, set, start designing!

Checkout the University of California, Irvine Chapter has recently created senior stoles for AHMB! They used the National Logo, Greek letters, and our red color on the stole to distinguish themselves at their graduation ceremony. Monique Wonderly, a recent graduate and secretary of the chapter, stated “I am hoping that by having stoles it will increase the interest in initiating and joining this wonderful honor …”. The chapter is considering implementing the stoles as a reward for “participating in chapter events that further promote the key values of Alpha Eta Mu Beta.” Monique kindly shared the design so that other chapters may use the same stole, which was purchased from CreativeMarx for $50 each! Please consider following the lead of the UCI AHMB chapter and instituting these at your university to mark your members’ achievements!

AEMB members receive Tau Beta Pi Scholarships

Congratulations to the following AEMB members who have received Tau Beta Pi Scholarships!

Award                    Recepient                          School 
Sigma Tau No. 43  Shannon E. Anderson        Georgia Institute of Technology

For more information and details on each of the awards, please see the official Tau Beta Pi  letter.

Congrats to our national student officers who received NSF Awards!!

AEMB is proud to anouncence that Mr. Justin Huckaby, national student vice president and Mr. David Wolfson, national student secretary are recipients of the 2016 National Science Foundation (NSF) Graduate Student Fellowships. This is a highly prestigious fellowship provided to select individuals and former NSF Fellows include numerous individuals who have made transformative breakthroughs in science and engineering, become leaders in their chosen careers, and been honored as Nobel laureates.The NSF GRFP recognizes and supports outstanding graduate students in STEM fields pursuing research-based Master's and doctoral degrees at accredited United States institutions. Nearly 17,000 students across the country applied for the award and awards were given to approximately 11% of applicants.

Justin Huckaby, National Student Vice-President of Alpha Eta Mu Beta and first-year graduate student in the joint department of biomedical engineering at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill and North Carolina State University. This prestigious program from NSF will help fund Justin's graduate research project at UNC in the field of drug delivery and enable him to gain the necessary skills to become a leading research scientist in the future. He currently researches in the UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy under Dr. Sam Lai to develop a pretargeted, nanoparticle drug delivery system employing click chemistry as a bioorthogonal chemical linker for the treatment of solid tumors. His goal with this project is to develop a platform that increases localization and penetration to cancerous tissues while reducing off-target effects.

David Wolfson, National Student Secretary is in the joint BME PhD program at Georgia Tech and Emory University. He is working in Dr. Hee Cheol Cho's lab, which is also affiliated with the Pediatric Cardiology department at Emory University School of Medicine and Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. His proposed project is focused on hydrogel development for cardiac regeneration, more specifically the pacemaker cells located in our heart's sinoatrial node. He hopes to make gels that will be able to sustainably deliver specific genes and drugs to the surrounding cells to regenerate the pacemaker cells in patients with arrhythmia. If successful, this could potentially permanently replace the electronic pacemaker devices that have to be implanted for diseases, such as bradycardia and heart block.

Latest National Newsletter, Fall 2015 can be obtained here


Annual Chapter Report

Annual Chapter report are due in May. Please download the report from following template and submit it to us immediately. Thank you.
                                                               Annual Chapter Report

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