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 MINDS Scholar Program Teams with Mentors

2016 - 2017 MINDS Scholar Program Teams with Mentors

Out of the groups below, the following three individuals were selected by mentors for special recognition as “MINDS Elite Scholars” for demonstrating the qualities of a true team leader and being instrumental to the completion of their project:

Bradley Hirayama (U of the Pacific)
Joseph Muller (Stony Brook U)
Michael Brooks (UC Davis)

    iiCGM: The Affordable Alternative to the CGM Market
    Implanted, continuous glucose monitor with multiple sensors eliminating the need for short term calibration with reduced
    annual costs
    Scholars: Mariela Aponte (LA Tech), Natalie Pilar (Oregon State), Cooper Schwabe (Santa Clara U)
    Mentor: Jerry Collins, PhD, Vanderbilt – Ret/AL A&M University

    Newborn Death Preventative Diagnostics Neonatal Monitoring Device for Sub-Saharan Africa Device to monitor    
    health of neonates in low-resource regions increasing survival rates

    Scholars: Alexandra Burr (WPI), Edward Ruppel (U Rochester)
    Mentor: Olga Imas, PhD,  Milwaukee School of Engineering

    Anesthesia Machine with Global Benefits
    Develop an anesthesia system to meet the specific needs of healthcare facilities in the developing world
    Scholars: Bradley Hirayama (U of the Pacific), Sarabeth Schommer (UC Davis), Matthew Hannula (MSOE)
    Mentor: Bryant Hollins, PhD, Louisiana Tech University

    iMyo App
    Develop an App to revolutionize the way we diagnose muscle and bone injuries
    Scholars: Eva Bouzos (Santa Clara U), Michael Brooks (UC Davis), Kelsey Phelan (LA Tech)
    Mentor: Marcia Pool, PhD, Univ. Illinois @ Urbana Champaign

    A Smart Mattress for Bedridden Patients during Hospitalization                                                                       
    Dual air mattress system to turn bedridden patients without straining clinicians
    Scholars: Michael Forthofer (Trine University), Edwina Pun (USC), Logan Capizzi (MSOE)
    Mentor: Teresa Murray, PhD, Louisiana Tech University

    A Tissue-Engineered Skin Substitute for the Promotion and Monitoring of Healing in Burn Victims
    Polymeric skin substitute that contributes to skin healing and contains measuring devices to monitor wound contraction
    Scholars: Ivy Fernandes (Santa Clara U), Matthew Ho (UC Davis), Joseph Muller (Stony Brook U)
    Mentor: Jeff LaMack, PhD, Milwaukee School of Engineering
    An air filter to prevent exposure to smoke, dust and soot and subsequent pneumoconiosis in Ladakh, India
    Development of a culturally acceptable air filter that can be worn by women during periods of high exposure to smoke, dust,
    and soot to prevent the high rates of pneumoconiosis present in this area
    Participants: Jordan Levine (Santa Clara U), Anna Kersey (Trine University), Tristan Ford (U Rochester)
    Mentor: Lee Murfee, PhD, Tulane University

2015 - 2016 Pilot MINDS Scholar Program Teams with Mentors

    Participants: Tess Grodner (Louisiana Tech University), John Hidalgo (Florida International University)
    Mentor: Lee Murfee, PhD, Tulane University

    Participants: Katie Montou (Louisiana Tech University) , Kali Chiapetta (Florida International University)
    Mentor: Paul Jensen, PhD, Univ. Illinois @ Urbana Champaign

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