Alpha Eta Mu Beta, National Biomedical Engineering Honor Society

Alpha Eta Mu Beta Mission and Purpose

Purpose of AEMB

Alpha Eta Mu Beta is the National Biomedical Engineering Honor Society. Established in 1979, Alpha Eta Mu Beta was formed to recognize and encourage excellence in the field of Biomedical Engineering and Bioengineering. Membership into Alpha Eta Mu Beta consists of those individuals in the field of Biomedical Engineering or Bioengineering who through their attainments in college or in practice have manifested a deep interest and marked ability in their chosen life work. The purpose of Alpha Eta Mu Beta is to bring these individuals into closer union so as to promote an understanding of the profession. Membership to Alpha Eta Mu Beta is a privilege and an honor. Members of Alpha Eta Mu Beta are recognized in an outstanding manner for having conferred honor on their Alma Mater by distinguished scholarship, exemplary character, honorable activities, and leadership.

Through various development, training, networking and service opportunities, members of Alpha Eta Mu Beta are able to learn and grow. In this process, they develop critical lifelong skills that prepare them to excel for the post college environment or to transform individuals at their present jobs into leaders and innovators.

The field of Biomedical Engineering and Bioengineering are constantly evolving, therefore over the years AEMB has transformed itself into a dynamic organization to meet the needs of its growing membership and alumni, the institutions that they serve and our society.

Mission of AEMB

Alpha Eta Mu Beta's mission is :

1. To encourage participation in those activities that may be beneficial to the profession of Biomedical      

2. To further unify the student body of the departments of Biomedical Engineering and Bioengineering in presenting its  
     needs and ideals to the faculty.

3. To create a closer student-faculty relationship by periodically bringing together the thoughts and needs of both.

4. To assist and cooperate with all organizations and persons working for the interests of Biomedical Engineering and  

5. To benefit its members by the association and experience that can come from bringing together a group with similar  
     interests, objectives and abilities.

6. To promote the professional development and welfare of its members.


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